Cysum Electric Bike RT860 36V 12.8A Lithium Battery Folding Bike Mountain Bike 17 * 26 inch Smart Electric Bike

Motor: 250W 36V brushless motor. Maximum speed: about 35Km/H. Battery capacity: 36V 12.8Ah. Battery mileage 35-45 (full electric mode). 45-65 (pedal assist mode). The battery life exceeds 500 charge cycles.

Three riding modes: full electric mode: the right handle has a throttle. You can easily drive the electric bicycle pedal assist mode: you can save 70% in power saving mode.

Equipment: The electric bicycle is equipped with 26-inch tires with explosion-proof and puncture-proof tires, mudguards and LED lights, allowing you to smoothly solve difficulties in different situations.

Note: There are two prices for electric cars. The high-priced equipment includes luggage racks, duffel bags and rear-view mirrors, which can be distinguished by pictures. When the electric bicycle is delivered, 85% of the installation has been completed. After delivery, you only need to perform a simple installation.