QHKS Bicycle Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle

Introducing the QHKS Bicycle Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle on Amazon

  • ★ Sturdy structure, strong wind breaking ability, full dynamic, cushioning resistance, not easy to drop the chain, wear-resistant
  • ★ Hidden rear disc brake design, disc brakes are assembled on the inside to better protect the disc brakes
  • ★ The frame is the soul of the bicycle. We use aluminum alloy raw materials to make the frame, which better balance the rigidity, speed, weight and balance of the car
  • ★ Micro-shift speed kit, smooth shifting makes every shifting experience different
  • ★ The front fork is sensitive in removing pressure, strong in support, light in aluminum and not easy to rust. With the tapered head tube design of the frame, it has strong cornering control